This page is a personal web site for the Neil and Audrey Ticktin & family. From this page, you can see what we are up to, what's up with the kids, send e-mail to us, and see pictures and movies.

About Neil...

Neil is the the Chief Executive Officer of Xplain Corporation which has two divisions: publishing, and custom services, and includes: MacTech Magazine, Deal Cards, BetterRAM.com, ShowGuides.com and Pavilion Specialists. Xplain also produces publications for other companies.

Some of the articles that Neil has written for MacTech are linked in the navigation bar to the left. Neil is an avid photographer, ask him to show you some of his work.

About Audrey...

Audrey is a Dietitian and is currently enjoying spending time with the kids -- our pride and joy -- in addition to creating montages for special events. See www.OriginalMontages.com

About the kids...

Well, there's tons of stuff on this site about the kids, as one would expect. If you are family or a friend of ours, head on in to the pages to see more. Just click on the links in the navigation bar to the left site of the page.

Accessing This Site

Given the personal nature of this site, it is only intended for the use of friends and family. As a result, most of this site is protected for obvious security reasons.

If you are a friend or part of the family, and want to see this part of the site, drop us an email and we'll send you a quick note on how to access the site.

We apologize for the hassle, but we do appreciate your help in keeping this site safe and secure.